For my full course on taming and training wild budgies check out In this video I bring home a fully flighted budgie named Sugar from a home who could no longer provide for him/her. [More]
Jessi shares a training session with Joy the Macaw and Ecuador the Jenday Conure (parakeet). Joy is an intermediate trainee and Ecuador is a newbie. Enjoy! Our Video Sponsors: Maruja Yoshimura Kerstin Soderquist Tori Zecchini [More]
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Hello, Friends welcome to my channel |TRIZZLER| and this is “MKBM” PARAKEET AMBIENCE VOICE | SPECIES OF PARROTS | SMALL | MEDIUM-SIZED BIRDS | CHIRP | TRIZZLER| subscribers milestone :-} 1000 subs- 2000 subs- 3000 [More]
Hello, Friends welcome to my channel |TRIZZLER| and this is “MKBM” PARAKEET VOICE | CHIRP | SMALL | MEDIUM-SIZED BIRDS | SPECIES OF PARROTS | TRIZZLER | subscribers milestone :-} 1000 subs- 2000 subs- 3000 [More]
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My budgie Blue became jealous after seeing my other budgie Lazuli eating all the millet! I love watching them fly in slow motion! I sell natural parrot toys. If you are interested in getting your [More]
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This video demonstrates a basic method for clicker training with your bird. It doesn’t matter what kind of bird you have, be it a parakeet, cockatiel, or macaw — it works with all of them. [More]
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