kakapo, (Strigops habroptilus), also called owl parrot, giant flightless nocturnal parrot (family Psittacidae) of New Zealand. With a face like an owl, a posture like a penguin, and a walk like a duck, the extraordinarily tame and gentle kakapo [More]
Clip from a 1998 episode of “Guinness World Records Primetime”, featuring Alex, an intelligent African grey parrot being studied at the University of Arizona, and rapper Rebel XD setting a fastest rap world record
Cockatoo Tries To Impress African Grey Parrot 👗 Coco is so funny. She tries to impress Newman with her toy. I guess great playing skills is Coco’s love language 😂 Join this channel to get [More]
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https://ParrotWizard.com Are all parrots loud? Here is the definitive list of all completely quiet species of parrots: Yup, that’s it. They’re all noisy! Haha. Vocalizing, screaming, and sounding off is definitely something all parrots enjoy [More]
colorful and beautiful parrots are in the world. Even some species of parrots have different color mutations. The parrot species includes various Parakeets, King parrots, Ringnecks, Cockatoos, Hanging parrots, Lories, Lovebirds, Amazons, Lorikeets, Macaws, Racket-tails, [More]
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