Time to African Grey chicks out of the nest Box | African Grey parrot about 100 chicks from one pair thanks for watching this video I hope you like this video please like and subscribe [More]
Gennie Angel American Caiques Playing Caiques have been called clowns of the bird world for good reason — the clown is a truly appropriate metaphor for this high-energy, medium-sized mischief-maker. You haven’t seen playful until [More]
Green parrot Talking time – Cute Two parrot Enjoy Weather #parrot #parrottalking #parrotlover Hello friends!! How are you ? Must reply in comment box Like share and also comment on this video Subscribe my channel [More]
Turquoise Opaline QUAKER PARROT Mutation – Myiopsitta monachus color morphs Have you ever wondered what it would be like to raise a baby parrot. I’ll show you how to handfeed a baby Quaker Parrot. This [More]
Chet shares details about how he coached one of his private clients on how to train both of their Eclectus parrots at the same time, without confusing the birds.
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