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Hey cockatiel fans! There’s been lots of mention in the community recently regarding toys with problems like bugs and mould. This prompted me to make this short video about safely storing your toys! It’s so [More]
Hey y’all, This video shows some of the basic knots I use when making parrot toys. While this isn’t a comprehensive list of all the possible knots that can be used, it should provide a [More]
Hey guys, Check out parrot joy toys. They are well made and provide hours of fun for your birds. Different sizes for different birds.
Ever wondered what it take to be a parrot parent? Toy making is just a small portion of weekly parrot life. A bored parrot is an unhappy parrot. My art channel Brushes With Bec – [More]
Tricks and Tips for Caique Parrots: For more Similar Videos please visit my PlayList: Caique Parrots Hops and Plays!!! This was the trick which took longest duration of training for My Caique Parrot. Last [More]
In this channel you can see a wide variety of activities involving making things with my own hands. Making things with all sorts of material. Drawing picture of different color and pencil Origami -Craft Idea [More]
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