Talking Parrots Taking Shower Outside The Cage And So Happy. Parrots really liked taking shower outside the cage. The climate is now little bit change and my talking parrots really love to play with water. The way they spread their wings and making the little dance is really so cute. Rio is so fond of taking a shower with full of joy. I also feel so happy when my talking parrots showing happiness and when they spread the wings with full of joy.
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    3 replies to "Talking Parrots Taking Shower Outside The Cage And So Happy"

    • Arlene Roth

      Thank you for bringing joy to these cute parrots!

    • Archana Chaubey

      They are enjoying the bath😊👍👍👍👍🐤🐥🐦. So cute😊

    • MisterTracks

      lovely stuff

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