Talking Quaker Parrot

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Quaker Parrots AKA: Monk Parakeets because of their hood like feather color on their head and back are wonderful pets. They are of small – medium size, if they nip you, the bite is small and heals fast(remember any animal with a mouth can bite if they are upset or afraid, even children😍). They have an affectionate personality and love being with their human pals. Best of all, they can talk. My rescued Quakers are fully bilingual in Eng & Spa. They can communicate with about 24 phrases.
Remember, don’t buy a pet, adopt instead from a Parrot Rescue Center. All my birdies are rescues, found after storms in which they got hurt.
Parrots are considered “ Companion Pets “ because they can talk, bond like a child to their human parent, and live for many years(30-50 yrs). People who live with parrots rarely suffer from depression or loneliness.
In this video, towards the end,
Eme says: I Love You and Good Morning ❤️😍🦜❤️

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