Tame and untamed Quaker Parrots |Talking Monk Parrot | Quaker Parrot sounds

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@GreenParrot-vv1rm says:

You should get the Green one 😂

@TheDevouredEagle says:

I agree with the others😅 I think Sunny feels weird looking at two blue babies instead of one. Hope everyone's having a great weekend 🌅🐦🐦🐤

@hungrybirds_aus says:

Nice that they are getting along. 🥰Sunny is still confused, probably thinking: Did I have one too many drinks? Why am I seeing double, Baby?😂

@PC_FE2 says:

awwww, the new baby sounds like mines!!! she just turned 3 years old ;D
we got her at 3 months!

and also, i have some name suggestions!: either Yuki or Buddy :0
i don't know the gender of it though 😛

@yesidtac7863 says:

Se multiplico 😅b

@lorimartin191 says:

Baby 🩵❣️, Who🩵❣️? and Sunny 💛❣️, Love their expressions🤭

@CockatielsandCaliforniabirds says:

New baby is so little 😊

@cathy-wenas says:

Wow you have beautiful cute birds👏👍🌹💚

@villelater2708 says:

Is the new baby there chick? I remember you was trying to get them to lay eggs or was he adopted?

@alicerios700 says:

❤❤❤❤❤😍🥰three lovely babies.

@cristinap.morais6878 says:

Sunny is confused…how to tell apart who is Baby in some months??😂😂😂

@sunsugodofwar says:

Glad to see they get along

@R4INB0W_12 says:

You shall name him/her Tiki!

@JennysRainbowChicken says:

Its good to see that theyre getting along. I love fluffy Sunny 😍💙💛💙
Whats new baby's name?

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