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    27 replies to "Tap Dancing and Playing With Onni Cockatoo!"

    • Archie’s Flock

      such a cute birb 😭

    • maria luiza matai

      Yay!… Onni doing what I appreciate the most… Tapping, Lalala and Hello!…
      Lots of 😘😘😘 from Brazil!… And let me see what he's doing in those shorts.

    • Ali_2169

      So Adorable 🥰

    • Zunair Birds

      Good job 👍

    • Tjaša Kerić

      Aww tapping with his feet is just adorable 🙂

    • Shirley C Dutes

      La la la love his his song 😊💛

    • Shirley C Dutes

      Onni love his playtime with his brother the kisses and his little steps across the table so cute brothers having fun ❤️❤️

    • Gail Sprangers

      One of my favorites! When he says I love you to mama and goodbye at the end….adorable

    • Gail Sprangers

      La la la🤣🤣

    • Gail Sprangers

      Feet tapping Onnie just makes me smile and the little kiss he gives Sean at the start is just adorable😍

    • Lilly AAron

      Ohhh… poor baby, thought was a snake and got scared!😱🤪🐥🐥🐥

    • blankenfelderstubenadler

      Soooooo lovely, great. I love these bird 😀

    • Me Plife

      sweet gorgeous Onni. Love seeing his tap dancing and interactions with Sean.

    • Belen Hernandez Benavente

      Nice rithm… 🎶🇯🇲

    • Simone Hauer

      Onni you are wunderful we love you 😍 🥰

    • Sonia RV

      I love those happy feet Onni 😂

    • Donna Viestenz

      Such a sweet fun time!!! So much love.

    • Vicki Canter

      I love onni

    • Kitty Watson

      I love watching Sean and Onni…they are awesome together. They have an amazing bond!

    • Richard Todd

      Who doesn't love to view a tap-dancing 'Too?

    • Karen Watkins

      Glass-topped tables and plastic beverage bottles were the best inventions for cockatoos! When Onni tap-dances, he makes me think of a flamenco dancer! I love his “la-la-la”s! He has such a great relationship with your family!

    • Gary Bartlett

      If Onni has a Coke he'll be hyper happy feet for days 😅

    • Cory Green

      Anybody who says that animals don't have souls need to meet Onni.

    • Lisha Marlar

      Hey Sean and onni aren't y'all cute. Onni loves the coke bottle. Having so much fun with his brother. So sweet

    • Annette 1

      The tap dancing is adorable. ❤

    • Susan Oppat

      Thank you, Sean! Been missing his tippy-taps for so long! And he wanted a kiss from his brother.

    • Elias

      Thats it Im saving up for a Cockatoo

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