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    11 replies to "the Talking Parrot 🐦"

    • Nica Gonzalvo

      Impressive sissy love

    • Fahey Vickie
    • Loyd Laurente

      Subscribe like and share may promoter na ahaha

    • TheRight One

      So cute the parrot thanks for sharing love it keep going God bless

    • Kenny's Saladmaster Healthy Cooking.

      Wow, this is so beautiful and cute. The pigeon is amazing

    • Nadezhda Muzaleva
    • Kaleb's Family Adventures

      how cute parrot saying subscribe, like and share.
      you're a smart one birdie!

    • i Radiant

      Haha! Ang galing nya! So cute too!

    • Angeline Thomas

      ang cute ,nakakaaliw siguro sya panuorin kapag nag daldal na

    • Life in Turkey Vlogs

      smart parrot..bravo!

    • Eden Mcque

      Ha ha am so excited with talking parrot

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