Tobago the Crazy Panama Amazon Parrot

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Meet Tobago, a 7-mos Panama Amazon parrot. She’s an acrobat and loves to swing, play with bells, and run all over her gym. She plays non-stop from morning to night and has an unbeatable personality! Our other three Amazons, Abaco, Bacardi and Lola Marie, provide background sounds to the video. Enjoy!

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birdoncape says:

Thank You much for such a fabulous video!

Karimanola says:

OMG!!! SUCH beautiful bird!! congratulationsss you really know how make a bird happy!!

youngestpilotinGa says:

Where did you get all the toys and nets from?

sugarsbcglobalnet says:

It’s so wonderful seeing someone take care of his/her birds like this :,)

Barbara Piazza says:

now that is one happy parrot!! I can tell you love built a parrot disney world for her!!

alexmagno77 says:

how old is she?

LadyhawkLH says:

You inspired me to build a rope net for my Amazon.  Sisal rope would work well. 🙂

SCZproductions says:

wow! you recorded this 3 days after i got my panoma amazon! her name is Belle. (bell)

XEmmaXLeighX says:

Nice bit of Salsa dancing going on there, and great area for the birds, equivalent to a theme park for kids, Tobago acts like a bat, its upside down more than upright,lol..nice video. Emma.x

Bortabojn says:

Tobage is so cuuute 😀 nice to see her have so many toys and ropes to swing in !

tramany7 says:

tHATS WONDERFUL!I hope my birds will have something like that soon your parrots must love it keep up the good work.

tramany7 says:

I love your set up very nice and a beautiful amazon

creamofcardstv says:

great video and I’ve rated it as five stars. Please check out mine on some 1930’s trading cards of aviary and cage birds.

B Miller says:

She’s terrific….Amazons are the clowns of the parrot world . . totally intertaining!

runforasthma says:

what a beautiful girl!

Toddster63 says:

Tabago Rocks… You Go Girl! Greetings from your California cousin, Miss Lola…!

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