Beautiful Parrots | Top 10 | Parrots Video Top ten Most stunning Parrots within the World There are 350 completely different species of parrots within the world. several parrot species unbroken in captivity as a result of they’re terribly colourful, intelligent and sportive. The Amazon parrots, African grey, Cockatoos and parakeet species of parrots also have nice communication ability. Here the list of ten most lovely parrots in world. 10 Crested cockatoo The sulphur crested parrot is a giant stunning species of parrot. they’re famous for their distinctive sulphur-yellow crest. They live in Australia, island and state. This species includes a length between 17-25 inches and white coloured feather. The dark brown bill of sulphur crested cockatoos are outstanding. 9 Bronze winged parrot Bronze-winged parrots are medium-sized outstandingly coloured parrot species native to South America. Their feather is in dark purple or blue coloration and have a bronze patch on wings. The feathers of this species have violet edges and throat is in pink. It conjointly a sociable, calm and delightful pet parrot. 8 Dusky parrot The extremely active and mocking dusky lories ar one amongst the foremost in style pet parrots within the world. The intelligent dusky lories conjointly mimic human speech fine. They also prefer to play with toys ar act with individuals. Dusky lories ar originated from island island and conjointly referred to as as white-rumped lory. 7 Galah The beautiful galah parrots ar known by their pink chest and face. Galah parrots are referred to as as rose-breasted parrot and galah parrot. They found across the majority regions of Australia. Galah parrots are extremely social species, found in giant flocks. The galah parrots reach up to a length of fourteen inches and weigh between 270-350 grams. Their higher half and short tail is in gray color. The male and feminine birds virtually look alike, though the colour of male bird’s eyes is dark brown and it’s chromatic red in females. 6 Blue And Yellow parrot Blue and yellow parrot may be a giant and delightful parrot species native to South America. They inhabit in wet forests and swamps. they need blue higher half and yellow body part. The putting color and talking ability conjointly build blue and yellow macaws collectively of the foremost in style pet birds. 5 African gray African gray is that the most intelligent talkative parrot species within the world. The bond with house owners let African gray to surpass in talking.As the name indicate continentn gray parrots ar endemic to Congo of Africa and in gray coloration. they need a length between forty six cm and fifty two cm.The male and feminine African gray look similar. 4 Sun parroquet Sun parroquet is a gorgeous and endemic parrot species native to South America. Their wonderful animal material show yellow, red,orange, blue and inexperienced colours. Sun parroquet conjointly incorporates a white patch round the eyes and inexperienced marking on the wings.Like a range of alternative parrot species each male and feminine parroquet look alike. they’re conjointly identified for mimicking the voice. 3 Hyacinth parrot Hyacinth parrot is that the largest flying parrot species within the world with a length of forty inches. it’s associate degree vulnerable parrot species and also the extant members ar primarily found in Southern Brazil. they need chromatic animal material and huge beak. 2 Eclectus The eclectus may be a strikingly coloured parrot species native to island island. The male parrot has bright inexperienced animal material and feminine birds show bright red and purple coloration. This sexual dimorphism in animal material color conjointly build eclectus as associate degree uncommon parrot species. 1 Scarlet parrot Scarlet parrot is one amongst the foremost stunning and largest parrot species within the world. They inhabit in rainforests of Central and South America. Scarlet macaws ar identified for his or her enticing animal material. Most a part of their body is in bright red color, conjointly has blue back, yellow markings on higher wing and lightweight blue tail.T music track 1 Sunny Island (VLOG) by Scandinavianz Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0… Music promoted by Audio Library Music Track 2 Harmony by Ikson Music promoted by Audio Library Music track 3 Positive5 by PeriTune Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0… Music promoted by Audio Library  Facebook:  Twitter:  Subscribe To Our Channel:…


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