Can you teach a parrot to paint like Picasso? Perhaps not, but in this episode of Click Bait, I am going to be trying my hardest to teach Jinx the green cheek conure to paint with a paint brush on a blank canvas like humans do. This won’t be easy, but none of the best training programs ever are!

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“Click Bait”
by Gabe Kahsen

Guest Starring:
Jinx the Conure

with special thanks to:
Ryan Krejcik & Maggie McDonald

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    6 replies to "Training a Parrot to Paint"

    • Renee Myrskog

      do more click baits

    • Marianne Burden

      Please do more chinchilla care videos


      Bring back your podcasts, I just watched em all in one day and it was good!

    • Makemepretty

      Oh my God. This is ADORABLE.

    • ii Marquise ii ii Marquise ii

      Will you ever let her wings grow back so she can learn to fly?

    • VanillaChinchilla

      Woah thats really cool!!!

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