We had to leave our blue and gold macaw parrots Mikey And Mia as we went on holiday. We usually would’ve checked in Mikey to some form of bird accommodation but this time with 2 birds, we trained up our friend Alex to look after them in our home.

This will be a 3 part series, with this video being part one showing how Alex will learn to bond with Mikey & Mia and give them a very similar routine to what we would.

Ep: 2 will show how he is doing and our adventures meeting up with free flight groups at the other end of the world

Ep: 3 will show their reaction to our return.

We do apologise for the spelling mistake and the audio being out of sync at the end. This video had to be finished, exported and uploaded on our phones, the export failed 3 times and the upload kept cutting out due to bad hotel WiFi and we had no idea it was out of sync until about an hour after and we were on a plane. This will not happen again.

This should be quiet fun so we hope you all enjoy it.

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How Mikey learnt to Free Fly

Mikey’s Magical Music Videos

Mia’s First Month


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    20 replies to "Training Our Bird Sitter & Leaving Mikey And Mia || The Bird Sitter Series – Ep: 1"

    • The small Smalz

      it sounds like all the Jurassic park movies just jumped out at me
      did that happen to anyone else or is my computer just crazy

    • Dumpling216 3

      Nobody likes going to bed 🛏

    • Floof The Bird

      XD Mia was all like "Get away from my momma!"

    • DoublePlayz

      i dont know if mia is fertile or not but what if there was a 3rd parrot y'know what im sayin

    • kittycat

      I used to want a African gray or a cockatoo and I didn’t like macaws until this channel now I want to learn how to look after macaw

    • Aly O'Mally

      Alex the snacc serving up snacks 👀🖤

    • Dead Fool/ someone

      4:47 to 4:49 I can’t 😂🤣😂😭 that was funny

    • ItsEthan

      In get a hycancith macaw for my high school graduation gift and I'm so excited

    • Lindsay J

      Sweet tender mia awww her old owners did her dirty

    • love and kisses

      Oh no!!! Mushy food???? It's not advisable .creates hormonal behaviour. Loads here that is not advisable. Please explain that this is your thing and not a teaching video.

    • love and kisses

      You usually get plenty of warning before a bird bites. Why would you allow the bird on Alex shoulder if Alex is scared ? You are opening up a situation where Alex could get badly hurt.
      I like your channel, you love your birds it's clear and yes I understand this is a glimpse into your lives but you have a responsibility to explain you are not a bird training channel. A lot of what you do is not advisable for the majority of bird owners. But is great and perfect for you and yours. I just think it's important you share that fact. I know all ended well but you were the exception I believe in this case and from what was shown it could have been a disaster.

    • love and kisses

      It's hormonal time and Mia thinks your partner is her mate .get her off the shoulder and stop petting her body. Shoulder birds often have owners who constantly touch the breast and under wing area causing hormonal behaviour.

    • iOS God

      Anyone selling Macaw eggs? Contact me please

    • ramon alfafara paradela jr

      It said 1 month earler wrong spelling but no offense

    • Evie

      I was the 1.1k like

    • Kataku

      I love big birds, my favourite is the Eclectus Parrot, I can't wait to watch the series.

    • Angelique Oren

      I just love you guys!

    • Ravioli Ravioli Whats in the Pocketoli

      I love you guys, and I love that you gave Alex the opportunity to take care of your birdies to experience owning one and see if it’s for him! Amazing friends, and an absolutely gorgeous couple with gorgeous birds. ❤️

    • ifroad33

      I really want to get a bird like a cockatoo or something. I just don't think I have the time for it. When I get done studying I will make sure that I can fulfill my dream of having one!

    • LionGames HDTV

      Mia likes you now 😀

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