Lytteltonwitch and I went up to Arthur’s Pass recently to do a few walks in the mountains, but we spent a lot of our time there being distracted by the antics of kea, New Zealand’s native mountain parrot.

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    5 replies to "Travel Local: Kea at Arthur's Pass"

    • Maggie Hughes

      What a fun filming of the keas. I liked the way way his tongue came out in a human way to lick up the remains around his beak.

    • thebiblioholic

      They all seem to have bands on their feet. Do you know more about who/why they are tagged?

    • Conquering Mount Scrapmore with Brenda

      Hi, I'm new to your channel and looking forward to your next video!

    • Deborah Meyer

      That's one wicked looking beak on that Kea! I love silly birds, especially crows. 🙂

    • Jay Shulamith

      I don't think I've ever seen that many of them together! Super cool. 😀

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