Turning A Cockatiel into A Ringneck Just Needs 1 Sec

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xK1ҽҽ_1ɱραƈƚx says:

My birds wouldve bit the card board thing off

Red Dragon says:

The real challenge is taking off the ring.

You Don't Know Me says:

Indian Cockatiel?
Australian Ringneck?
I'm so confused! 🥺 LOL

Prinzen Quelle says:

HAHAHAHAHAHAH GREAT VIDEO LIKE ALWAYS…thank you for laughing… god bless your cute birds❤

Bea Kanarie says:


Solomon Van Pelt says:

I just got a new bird yesterday and her name is sunshine because she's all yellow with red eyes and white cheeks

King Nightmare says:

Bird collar

Lady Jane says:

A ringed neck what? 74 bird species called a "ringed neck" something.

Puffy says:

Alternate title : Homemade Birbneck

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