Ultimate Minecraft 1.20 Pet Mob Guide | How To Tame All Mobs Cat Wolf Parrot Llama Fox & More!

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Ultimate Minecraft 1.20 Pet Mob Guide | How To Tame All Mobs

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🐤Twitter: https://twitter.com/eyecraft_mc
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Learn How To Tame All Mobs Animals In Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition also How To Tame and Breed all Animals in Minecraft like How To Get a Pet Dog In Minecraft and How To Get a Pet Cat In Minecraft and How To Tame a Wolf Minecraft Quick and Easy so Everything You Need To Know about Cats in Minecraft with this Easy Minecraft Pet Mob Guide also How To Get Parrots in Minecraft and Everything You Need to know about Llamas in Minecraft like How To Tame a Llama in Minecraft

0:00 – Ultimate Pet Guide
0:13 – Everything About Cats
4:01 – Everything About Parrots
7:07 – Everything About Wolves
9:35 – Everything About Llamas
12:02 – Everything About Allays
13:34 – Everything About Axolotls
14:42 – Everything About Foxes
15:34 – Everything About Ocelots
16:31 – Everything About Rabbits

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@ArjunaLukman says:

Llma eat haybale

@swcy4m says:

does anyone know that there are or were snow foxes too

@notagainmanstop468 says:

I wouldn’t call foxes and ocelots half pets. If I can make it sit in my base and it sticks around it’s a pet

@user-fj8gc3mf8s says:

How come you can’t feed cats tropical fish

@jackordway2016 says:

“cyan parrot” ITS IKEA BIRD!

@user-rk8xe8qg9w says:

Um… What in the world. Alright? I’ll just still watch it i guess? 🫥

@Nora-ks2sq says:


@WWAnon says:

Oh! My cat gave me a phantom membrane! I didn’t know where it came from lol

@lynnebrown1400 says:

I am watching this because my last two pets (parrots) died

@Nova_Ghost_Gamer says:

fun fact: you can literally befriend any mob type in the game, without ANY mods! here's an example
endermen: befriend by giving blocks they can hold, and making safe machines that they can interact with. affect: endermen refuse to attack you, even if you look at their eyes. they'll also defend you from harm.

@pinkIcedcoffee says:

I started watching you because your explanations are so easy to follow and digest. My lil bro loves this game and I used to play this around the time it was launched. I stopped during 2012ish? So I have a lot of catching up to do so we both can enjoy the game hahaha.

(He loves to call me noob even though I introduced this game to him ;-;)

@TheFaithfulVegan says:

Lol i remember being hyped for the update that included cats. The day bedrock got it, I tamed one. My life was complete (in Minecraft).

@Ersa0431 says:

Wolves can't be tamed, IRL. They aren't pets. Minecraft needs to change the name from "wolf" to "feral dog" or "stray dog".

Wolves are NOT dogs. Wolves cannot be tamed. Calling the cute minecraft best friends "wolves" is spreading misinformation. In real life, people do try to keep wolves or wolf hybrids as pets. These animals are wild and there are numerous tragic incidents of fatalities, attacks, and animal cruelties.

Minecraft is about all education, right? They added bees to bring awareness to declining bee numbers. So why is Minecraft promoting the dangerous idea that you could keep a wolf as a pet?

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