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If you know us from our Dutch language parrot school website, you might find some identical content here, but now in English. Besides you’ll find extra interesting content that is not available on our Dutch websites.
We are here to help you with any kind of parrot and parakeet related problem as well give you advice out of our own experiences through the years.

A Parrot is not a pet bird unless it is trained well and treated well. Many problems arise when people have no idea what the natural behavior, needs and habitat looks like. As soon as we are going to understand what a parrot needs we have the right starting point for learning how to deal with them.

african grey parrotHere you’ll find anything you need to know about parrots that kept as a pet. We focus not only on food, cages or general care, but on everything together, because it is the total package that creates success in the daily life of every pet parrot, parakeet and conure.

A well treated parrot that has the wrong food or lives in a wrong environment will not be as happy as it could and should be. As a result of that it can be harder to train the bird or communicate with him at all. This means simply that all aspects are important, just like it is in our own life. Go to a fast food restaurant every day during a month and the football team you’re in won’t be to happy with you during their competitions.

Socialization is vital for correct parrot behavior. However, what is correct parrot behavior? How should a parrot inside the house behave in the first place? Questions that might look simple are not always answered the right way. From our personal experience over the last 15 years with our own parrots and many others from friends and clients we now invite you to take a look behind the screens to discover for yourself what is best for your parrot.

The Parrot School does not only focus on how to train your parrot or how to teach him parrot tricks. Keeping a parrot as a pet is not for everyone and does demand a lot of time and dedication from the owner. What exactly is needed to keep a parrot as a pet in a responsible way? The Parrot School helps you to understand what is needed to succeed, before you decide to get any parrot inside your house. If you already got one the parrot school will help you in every detail to keep up a healthy relationship between you and your parrot. Although we are using the word ‘parrot’ this also applies to to any other crooked beak bird such as parakeets, conures, cockatoos etc. We will give you the exact information for any particular bird in the members area where you find the courses about every aspect of keeping parrots as a pet bird.

This website of the Parrot School is continuously growing, not only in the amount of members, but also in content. New articles, adjusted educational material and much more is added almost continuously.

You may find some grammar and poor English issues while reading articles and pages on our site. Please excuse us for that. Our native language is Dutch. Al though doing our very best to write correct English, mistakes may appear. If you let us know we’ll be happy to correct. Most important is that you get the important message about how we as humans should treat birds when kept as pets. This is the main goal of the Parrot School.

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