Unlike other parrots, Caiques are amazing and fun-filled!

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    • eng479

      Our young female is a feisty, sweet, stubborn, crazy, loving, and incredibly intelligent little gal who gets along with our cat and bunnies and sometimes our small dog. She lives in my office in an open cage (which he loves and sleeps in) and, given that I telework, spends 3-4 hours/day with me.

      She does have a very limited vocabulary ("step up," "wanna go poopy") but is mostly a beeper. She also has her morning shriekfest at roughly 10am every single morning. 10/10 love her to death, but I would not recommend one unless you're going to spend a ton of time with them.

    • Josefine W

      Yeah that sums them up pretty good. I would also like to add that they are gremlins. Caiques likes to be naughty as soon as you turn your back on them. They chew everything made out of wood and sometimes plastic too.

      But they are very friendly once you've earned their trust.

      And btw, there is no difference between a blackheaded caique and a whitebellied caique aside from their appearance. Some people say they have different behaviours but that is simply not true.
      I have one of each (same sex of course) myself.

    • Love Nitro RC

      We have one. Male. It's awsome, sometimes too posessive to me, but on the other hand I can take it outside with no worries, place it on a tree around the house, take it for a ride in my car, walk through the woods with it. It loves to play with my hand, for hours and hours. It talks but only 2 words. It whistles a couple of short tunes. It eats everything and that's what worries me a bit. It drinks Coca Cola and would aslo drink beer and wine if you gave it to him.

    • بحر

      Hi, what are the prices of these birds in the price of the dollar in America, thank you

    • بحر

      I adore these beautiful birds. My question to you, madam, is the price of these birds in your country, America. I am talking with you from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    • Rosalia Mattina

      😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗👍💕💕💕Bellissimi, pappagallini! 😊

    • Shaun Webb

      You’re a good resource and an Expert!

    • The Inked Devil

      This really drives home how much of an oddball our caique is. She's a decently calm cuddle fiend who has about a dozen words/phrases she likes to say regularly. We expected a hyper hop, instead we got the sweetest featherball chatterbox we could have asked for.

    • Krd 079

      Do you know the differences between blackheaded caiques en white bellied in personalety and size , thank you very much

    • Remod NC

      Do you know of any?

    • Remod NC

      One of the best, most informative Caique vids I have seen! I want a Caique so bad, lol! Hard to fjnd.

    • Yamuna devi

      What a lovely honest review

    • Missy Sanchez Lee

      Ok. My big question: how THE HELL do you balance your time among all of your birds??? How do you juggle giving them all attention on a daily basis??

    • Dirk Busche

      Wow, that was a really quick response to my question! Thank you very much 🙂
      They are amazing, I smiled through the hole video like a little child!
      At a rescue in my area they have one black headed Caique (already 20y old), but they give him only in experienced hands, and if you have an adult hen for him (here in Germany you must have at least 2 parrots of each species, preferable of opposite sex and not related). I doubt they let me adopt him, since I had no parrots my during working life. If have still a few years to work, but I am working from home, now. I will see, if I can find an older hen and then try to adopt the cutie from the rescue.

    • Tammy Wills

      Love it…their so cute

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