Flocks of wild parrots, such as the ones of Telegraph Hill fame in San Francisco, can be found in various other urban and suburban areas. The parrots shown h…

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    31 replies to "Wild parrots of Sunnyvale"

    • Ruben Olivares

      I love hearing them when I drive past OSH, they remind me of my grandmothers pet parrot in Mexico.

    • wojojo

      I work in Sunnyvale near OSH and I always enjoy seeing them. I usually see them 2 or 3 times a week.

    • GianniAzul3609

      that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read..

    • PointyTailofSatan

      It will be interesting to see if they lose their color in future generations. CIty birds are mostly grey for a reason.

    • 3yerrt

      who ever disliked this video if i were you i would want a witness protection put on me. becasue i’m coming for you.

    • MegaCubanito2002

      beatifull thanks god for that. they where looking for a hole to nest

    • ryonemura

      Where exactly should I go to see them? It is great to see them conures flying free.

    • Sutterjack

      Thanks for posting Patty-great video!–I live in Sunnvale and have been photographing these guys for years–it always makes me smile to hear them squaking overhead. I’ve seen them all over Sunnyvale, but I know they love to hang out next to OSH–somebody must be feeding them

    • Mayerling52


    • californiaflocks

      Great Video!

    • Mayerling52

      a very special part of my daily life! those beautiful parrots!♥♪♫

    • rinari0122

      And I though I was the only one seeing wild parrots in Sunnyvale. I just didn’t think parrots would live in a not-so-tropical area such as Saratoga Ave (near Fremont High). 😯

    • Mayerling52

      I just LOVE our wild parrots! make’s my life BLESSED!

    • tall32guy

      The next time you see one you should try to feed her. They are cute! 🙂

    • Acetoeagle1

      These parrots are right on my backyard and they`ve multiplied hundreds in the past year..their loud chirps always makes my day…..truly gods pets…..thanks for posting this video….I actually caught one of them when they accidentally got stuck in one of those exhaust and I let them go since they always comes in pair, felt bad for the partner….:)

    • Mayerling52

      ♥Thank You!♥ I love our wild parrots!♥

    • AccidentalParent

      I see these guys all the time as I bike by that apartment complex they nest in. Super cool to see so many close up shots as I usually only see the big flocks flying by or hear them up in the trees. I’ve only seen them once close up…. this video was awesome, thanks.

    • avcr8teur

      Just saw dozens of them close to Ponderosa Park on Henderson Ave. They were hanging around trees and feeding off a rooftop full of tree droppings.

    • hjones1

      Just saw them in Cupertino, by Marina. What are they eating??

    • Dave Bell

      We have a small flock in Campbell, too. Often seen along the creek, between Century and Craig Ave.

    • AlphaRomero

      Saw about 8 of them today near Ponderosa Park, which is a bit out of their usual range, I think. (Near Wolfe / El camino)

    • swfowkes

      We had 20 green parrots in our two front-yard trees yesterday. Maybe somebody should tell the parrots that this is Canary Drive. Sunnyvale’s Parrot Avenue is a mile south, off Inverness Avenue

    • Acetoeagle1

      thanks for posting this, I just move to this complex and this is actually in my backyard, Amazing! nature to the max!

    • viclun12

      i saw this flock of parrots yesterday, the where between sunnyvale -saratoga rd and el camino across from OSH, they are really colorful and noisy, i was thrill to see them

    • Lisa Isgrig

      This is the most awesomest video I’ve ever seen!

    • Dusty Wall

      Spotted a flock near Serra park. Must’ve been at least 50. I had no idea they were here. I only knew of the Telegraph Hill parakeets.

    • legomanv16

      man i wanna see the sky like that in el paso but its mostly smog from mexico and those realy stoopid doves

    • Jim Pierce

      Hey!! They gotta be close! I’m in Mountain View. Now I’m going to have to keep my eyes open!

    • specialkali


      those brds are amazing.. We have galahs, magpies and cockatoo’s around our place. Lorikeets visit the place down the street.. isn’t it amazing to se them behave as they do?

    • conuropsis

      Sweet video!! These guys look like a happy offshoot of the SF cherryhead/mitred flock. But clearly a new flock has become established & is reproducing in Sunnyvale. Other new flocks maybe in the E.Bay, elsewhere. Wonder how much of the CA Coast they’ll colonize eventually.

      In the scene between about 0:17 to 0:29, could the bird on the right be a blue-crowned conure? Or is it just a juvenile?

    • Botheparrot

      Nice music choice, nice video.

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