When it snows I feed the birds on the ledge outside my kitchen window. I placed my Flip video camera on the ledge to see what I could capture. My cats enjoy watching and listening to the chirping. I hope your cats enjoy it too. I’d love to see videos of your cats watching my video. Also… check out this web page that gives great bird advice. www.birdbathsolar.org

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    29 replies to "Winter Birds – Entertainment for Cats"

    • 111FAS

      ancientsgate, I loved your comment and I love this video of birds …. thank you!

    • Thethe Kro

      Same here haha !

    • MessageWarning

      Trust in the Lord JESUS CHRIST with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Trust JESUS CHRIST, make Him the Lord of your life !


      LOL! Me too, it is quite peaceful and the bird behavior is interesting aside from their speciational beauty.


      Our cats love this video, thank you for posting.

    • Zach Smithee

      I loved this video. Thanks for uploading it.

    • gkdiscovery

      Nice video. Do you also know the name of these birds? I am not sure but they are looking similar to “Crested Bunting” and “Silver Bill” of India.

      I am also a bird lover to see some amazing birds of India pleas visit or subscribe my channel.

    • Nancy Ragab

      I caught my self staring at this video after I forgot its title. looks like staying with cats for a long makes me share their intrests! lol

    • Anna Sparkly

      I actually have one next to me!

    • PunkDaisy17

      There’s about 3 pairs of cardinals there….they mate for life. I enjoyed your video very much. How do you keep the squirrels away?

    • HmongGuitarPlayer

      This must be in Georgia.I have the same birds.

    • J. Greener

      lol…. my cat stared at the screen and was like, ” dude…. i eat you BOOF HEAD

    • ijustie

      my cat tygerr loved it xD he was looking at the right bottom birds the hole time xD awesome vid

    • Sugar Bird

      My Cat says Ty too ;P

    • Sugar Bird

      Waw you’re Lucky to have all those Nice Pretty Birds !!! Thanks for Sharing =) !!!!!!

    • Judy Muskauski

      LOL Mine tilted his head in question and THEN went behind to find them too. He also got very startled and looked up when they flew! Too funny!

    • Ellenor7

      I love this! I have a Winter Bird Restaurant on my balcony. I spend more money each month on wild bird food than I do on my indoor cats’ food and litter!

    • ancientsgate

      Word got out that your porch was the place to hang out! You got a nice mix of winter backyard birds there– lots of cardinals, so I presume you live farther south than me (I’m just north of Boston); we rarely see more than a couple of pairs at once. It was cool later on in the video, as apparently spring was coming on, and you could hear the little springtime sounds they made.

    • Mec2973

      My cat loved the video. I just posted a video of him getting the birdies while watching your video. 🙂 Thanks for posting it!

    • bgdrewsif

      my cat JUST did the exact same thing with my MacBook…. despite having watched this video dozens of times and getting jst as excited every time…

    • gogiogo

      Very unusual to see more than one male cardinal at the same feeding spot. They are territorial and don’t normally tolerate more than one of themselves. Never seen it before They certainly don’t do it in my back yard.

    • oxoaureliaoxo

      My cat loved this, kept patting the ipad then just sat with his nose virtually pressed to the screen lol

    • farmkatt38

      BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!! You just entertained ALL 8 of my cats ALL at the same time with this awesome video!!!! Thank got for big screens!

    • 37mrpaul

      Our zippy the cat loves this she tried to bite the ipad lol
      Cute to watch her
      Thanks for posting

    • rebornlover22393

      thumbs up if you have a cat on your lap

    • mangosplashes

      ha! When I lifted my arm, they all flew away… Beautiful birds

    • Ashley Smith

      Moussa Koussa is utterly transfixed. Thanks for creating!

    • Miranda Shipman

      Thanks for the video. My cat is crawling on top of the computer to get the birds. 🙂

    • Book7BrokeMyBrain

      Dislikes = nasty green pigs.

      I can’t believe I just watched ten minutes of birds feeding, but it was the nicest part of my day, so far. Thanks!

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